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At Khatoon's Jewellery Point, you will find a variety of fashion lines including prêt wear, unstitched fabric (for males and females), polo shirts, formal and semi formal wear (for men) and the diverse range of casual and formal wear (for women). Over the years, Khatoon's Jewellery Point has introduced a number of new trends including high-class G.prêt wear, Chantilly Chiffon, Chairman Latha (for men), Digital-print Kurtis, Accessories (shoes and handbags), Home Items (bedding, cushions and bath items) and so much more. Our designs are fashionably contemporary yet timeless because of their strong pedigree. It is our originality and respect for business ethics that today, Khatoon's Jewellery Point ranks as one of the leading clothing brands across Asia. Khatoon's Jewellery Point not only provides fashion at great value, but also caters to various customer needs by offering a diverse product mix. This leads to a complete and enjoyable retail experience. At Khatoon's Jewellery Point we don’t just aim at setting trends, but believe in mastering them. This has contributed greatly to it becoming the largest lifestyle and fashion store in Pakistan.
Our Philosophy
At Khatoon's Jewellery Point, we draw our inspirations from the diverse global arena and pack it under one roof, to share the fact that beauty is universal. We constantly strive to challenge the limitations of all the possibilities when it comes to weaving, printing, embroidery & embellishments. The cloth used is not mere fabric for us, we treat it like an artist treats his canvas; with the love, respect and dedication that it deserves. Here at Khatoon's Jewellery Point, we understand that style and fashion are a vital part of your lives and so we strive to bring it to your doorstep in the easiest possible way. Khatoon's Jewellery Point motto has always been to provide excellent quality and service.
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